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One of the most difficult choices that you probably have to make, when you rent out a self-storage space is the size of the space. You will be offered a wide range from the size of a box to the size of a hangar. Finding the optimum size is the key to space well utilized and money well spent.

Though you have the option to increase or reduce the size of your rented space, but if you do that short term or often, it is extremely time consuming and tiring exercise. You might as well take a slightly bigger space in the beginning, to take care of any sudden exigencies.

The most knowledgeable and experienced person with regard to right size to be hired is the storage space provider. After all it is in the interest of both the persons concerned that the most optimum space is let out to you. Most of these service providers have years of experience in assessing storage sizes for a variety of volume of goods, including compulsory vacant areas to be left uncluttered for ease of movement and general access, etc.

Most reputed self-storage space providers offer online help on assessment of space size. Others give you measurements in such terms that is easily understood by the common customer. For instance, unit 1 will hold volume equal to one average closet, etc. You could also take a walking tour of the storage facility and gather a first hand impression of the space under consideration. Discussing with the service provider is the best option here.

Some tips to help you assess the size of self-storage unit which you are going to hire:

Measure the length, width and height of the largest item you need to store.

Let the storage provider know how many bedrooms you have, as this is a good indicator of space needed.
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